A Roaring Lion? The Feared Dragon?
What if the Devil ran from you?

Satan's Fear Cover

How Submission to God & the Freedom of Self-Control Terrify the Evil One

by J. Solomon Kostelnik

"Be subject therefore to God.
But resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

From James 4:7 and beyond,
333 pages of in-depth study of Scripture!

Keys to Terrifying the Evil One

Submission to God, the True One

It begins and ends with Yahweh, the Creator of everything.  Surrendering to Him rescues us from the Devil into the Kingdom of God's Son, and protects us from all of Satan's threats and accusations.

Freedom in Christ & the Power to Live It

Once we've submitted ourselves to God, we enter a new freedom in His Son--where our will is no longer a slave to Satan or sin. The Holy Spirit then empowers us to do as our new nature desires!

Self-Control for a Divine Purpose

In Jesus, freed from death and its fear, we now live for a new purpose; we gladly control ourselves for God and His will.  We may be able to do all things, but should we?  Our love for Christ will guide us, and we will resist the Devil at every temptation.

Suffering in Christ, Martyrdom for Jesus, Satan's Substitutes & Much More!

Living righteously according to the voice of God comes with a price: suffering in this fallen age ruled by Satan, sometimes even to death. While the Devil constantly perverts the truth, the Holy Spirit lets us discern his lies. Our eternity is secured in Christ, and our patience is being perfected!

This book is written for people who:

  • Recognize they aren't in control of their life
  • Long for rescue from their continual error
  • Don't want to be victims, and want justice
  • Root for the underdog
  • Have self-respect and want real validation
  • Desire maturity in all areas of life and want to please their Creator

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